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Dress Code

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UNIFORM CODE: The primary purpose of the school uniform code is to assure that the students of First Lutheran School are neat, clean and well groomed for all school activities, thus advancing an organized, prepared approach to successful academic accomplishment. Uniforms provide uniformity, thus eliminating the distraction of competition and emphasis on dress. Students are expected to be in full uniform at all times, except on designated non-uniform days. The free dress code is required for all school functions when the uniform is not required. Parents are responsible to see that their children’s uniforms are free from rips, holes, discoloration, and pants/skirts fit properly in width/length and that their children are dressed in accordance with this dress code.

First Lutheran School contracts with Dennis Uniform Company located at 2640 N. San Fernando Road, Los Angeles, California 90065. Uniforms MUST be purchased ONLY through Dennis Uniform. For parents’ convenience you can order uniforms online at www.dennisuniform.com. Our school code is LA0CFL. Whether you go to the store, order online, or by telephone, once you give the school code to Dennis Uniform they can assist you in ALL of you questions regarding First Lutheran’s uniforms. As such, all inquiries about school uniforms should be made directly to Dennis Uniform at (818) 843-8306.

Chapel Days (Usually Wednesday)
Boys: K-5 Black slacks; white button down shirt; plaid tie or clip on; school sweater (optional)
6-8 Black or gray slacks; white button down shirt; plaid tie; school sweater (optional).

Girls: K-5 Plaid Jumper or skort; white button down blouse or shirt, Peter Pan collar or pointed collar blouse; plaid cross over snap tie; school sweater (optional).
6-8 Plaid skort or skirt: black skort or gray skirt; white button down blouse or shirt; plaid tie; school sweater/Blazer (optional).
Week days
Boys: K-8 Black slacks or shorts; gray polo shirt with school emblem; white button down shirt; Gray slacks may be worn by boy’s grades 6-8 only.

Girls: K-5 Black slacks, skort or shorts; plaid jumper, shirt or skort; gray polo shirt with school emblem, white button down blouse or shirt, Peter Pan collar or pointed collar.
6-8 Black slacks, skorts or shorts; plaid skort or short, gray skirt; gray polo shirt with school emblem or white button down blouse or pointed collar shirt.

General Guidelines
Blouses and shirts must be tucked in at all times.
Hair must be neatly combed or brushed. Girls may wear solid red, black, white or gray hair accessories as well as Dennis plaid.
Light make-up may be worn by girl’s grades 7-8 only. Light nail polish may be worn by girls. Belts (black) must be worn on all pants, skirts, shorts with belt loops.Boys and Girls grade 5-8 must wear the required clothes for physical education. Jackets or sweatshirts must be solid black. Solid white turtlenecks can be worn under the gray polo or red sweater.

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