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Class Information for Upper Grades

Religion: To broaden their knowledge of Christ and his teaching through the Bible. Through Bible study and practical life application student will strengthen their love for Christ and demonstrate a love and concern for others.

Memory Work: Bible based and/or Religion lesson affiliated with one to two weeks preparation. Usually assigned on Mondays.

English: The focus will be on writing and rewriting with an emphasis on grammar, formal and informal language usage. The goal to become effective communicators who understand the writing process and are able to put it to practical use through essay writing and a research paper report.

Literature: Reading various theme books, influential literary works and excerpts from literary award winning classics aloud in class. With a focus on introducing and increasing their literary knowledge of people and places while exposing them to different writing styles. All the while developing a love for books and reading for personal enjoyment.

Spelling: Workbook, vocabulary exercises, and tests will enable students to develop spelling and test taking strategies.

Math: Pre-Algebra/Algebra, homework, quizzes, tests and regular participatory based discussions designed to equip students to be confident problem solvers.

Science: With a focus on Physical, Life and Earth science, students will practice the scientific method through labs, experiments, and a science investigative report.

Social Studies/History: Studying Ancient Civilization (6), World History (7), U.S. History (8), and Current Events. Providing students with a global perspective and a greater understanding of history and their role in it.

Technology: Integrated into many aspects of the curriculum through projects. Students will be familiar with various computer programs while increasing their word processing skills. Each middle school student is issued a laptop to use for the year for research and homework.

Art: Art appreciation with the study of artists based on art style.

Music: To broaden their appreciation and familiarity for composers and their music from different periods of time.

Physical Education: Three times a week students will participate in P.E.. Through running, stretching, and sports activities, P.E. is designed to encourage each student to do their personal best while leaning to work together as a team to achieve a common goal. PE will focus on caring for oneself, and being aware of the changes happening to their minds, bodies, and surrounding environment.

Electives: Students may select an elective from the following: Yearbook, Worship Committee, or Student Leadership.

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