Primary Curriculum

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First Lutheran Christian School helps develop the spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and academic needs of your child.

Religion: Children will learn Bible stories, weekly memory verses, prayers, songs, reverence and daily application using Voyages curriculum.

Reading: Students will strengthen reading skills using Harcourt Brace curriculum grades kindergarten to second grade.

Language: Students will focus on vocabulary, following directions, creative expression, classifying, listening attentively, and participating in discussion.

Phonics: Students will learn to read and pronounce words by learning the phonetic value of letters, letter groups, and syllables using Modern Curriculum Press.

Spelling: Spelling curriculum is used to augment the phonics curriculum to further develop the student’s ability to accurately and phonetically spell words.

Math: Students will develop math skills using Sadlier-Oxford curriculum. Progress in Mathematics is used to teach math concepts using hands-on manipulatives and activities.

Science: Students will learn through experiments and observation using Harcourt, California Edition in grades kindergarten through second.

Social Studies: Students will learn about people, places, cultures and much more using activities and Harcourt Brace curriculum to build early social skills.

Physical Education: Students will participate in organized activities to develop large and small motor skills, rules of the game, health and safety, and good nutrition.

Music: Children will participate in singing, listening and rhythm activities.

Art: Students will be exposed to many kinds of art media to develop self-expression and creativity using Arts Attack curriculum.

Social and Emotional Growth: Students will work independently and in a group, follow directions, complete work, share, forgive, take turns, respect the rights and property of others, accept responsibility, observe school rules, and use self-control.

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